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Victoria, BC and Beyond – fabulous place to visit

Victoria, BC and Beyond – fabulous place to visit

Victoria, BC Inner Harbour

My home is on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island in a neighbourhood of the city of #victoriabc called James Bay.  It is one of the oldest residential areas in the Pacific Northwest with charming heritage homes preserved and still intact.  It is a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood with stunning waterfront and Fisherman’s Wharf, a collection of floating houses and restaurants.

The Salish people roamed this area for centuries prior to the arrival of Europeans.  Together they lived in Big Houses surviving on fish, carving totem poles, ceremonial masks and canoes, and weaving incredible blankets and tapestries.  You can see a wonderful collection of First Nation culture in the Royal BC Museum in Victoria’s Inner Harbour.  Around the museum grounds you’ll find a display of Totem Poles created in 1941, in Thunderbird Park.

Wild about James Bay

Wild about James Bay

He was walking along the streets of #Victoria and into beautiful James Bay. A first time visitor he felt his weary soul invigorated by the sea wind and gulls, the lovely gardens of fresh water,  peacocks and ducks.  He was looking to relocate to James Bay, a big move for him.

a body of water surrounded by trees

For the past 7 years he lived alone on his small island located across from Oak Bay.  He didn’t play but liked going to the #Victoria Golf Course at sunset to take in the fresh sea air and catch the sunset. He had kept his distance from people, though secretly he longed for social interaction.  Is this why he left his home? Victoria Golf Course along Juan de Fuca Strait

Oh but he cherished his solitary life really The rugged Island he calls home, a fantastic place of nature.   Hiking, fishing and  hunting were his passion. A life lived in harmony with birds, fish and seals.  Occasionally, sail boats would arrive and he would run to the beach and observe them from afar. Lately when they left, sailing back to the Oak Bay Marina, a loneliness would imbue him. He was getting older.  He needed a change. He needed to meet someone.  After so many years of living alone, one day he left his home and headed to  James Bay determined to find the one, maybe near Fisherman’s Wharf, or in Beacon Hill park.  He was wild about James Bay looking and looking for his soulmate.

History, glamour, and art in Victoria’s nineteenth century stained-glass

Beautiful stained-glass art graces many historical buildings throughout #Victoria and #Vancouver Island as you walk along Quadra street to see the first #Churches on the Island, step inside and behold the intricate stained-glass windows from the nineteenth century….

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Beacon Hill Park: Fabulous park in Victoria, British Columbia, across from the Olympic snowcapped mountains and Juan de Fuca Strait.  Huge trees and trails, nesting grounds for blue heron, ducks, peacocks and the Children’s Farm…