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About Us

Our Story- Our Guides

EV Tours is a local tour guide company in Victoria, BC, dedicated to providing extraordinary private tours in Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island. Our team of tour designers and professional local guides will maximize your visit to Victoria and Vancouver Island with a tour customized especially for you.

When you are in Victoria, we’ll provide you with a wide variety of options for places to visit. Our experienced guides will optimize your travel experience so you get the most of your visit to Vancouver Island, BC.  Your private tour guide, will pick you up anywhere in and near Victoria and return you to the same location.

We provide customized, private tours for individuals, couples, small and large groups in our luxury mini vans of up to 6 people and large tours in our luxury coaches.

Our customized private tours are in various unique regions near Victoria, BC: Salt Spring Island is a beautiful Island of artists and organic farmers, the Saanich peninsula offers wonderful countryside scenery and viewpoints and Cowichan Valley is wine country and farm to table food.

Victoria’s mild weather, lets us provide private tours year round. Come visit and enjoy the beauty of Victoria with your private guide.  Let us make your vacation an unforgettable one.

EV Tours is a member of  Destination Greater Victoria and supports the promotion of ecological and historical preservation, donating to the Land Conservancy of BC and to BC SPCA organizations. We care deeply about the welfare of wildlife and ancient forests and like to share in the awareness of British Columbia’s ecological preservation efforts.

We offer tours in Spanish:

Ofrecemos nuestros tours de Victoria y de la isla de Vancouver en español. Informese por email para programar su tour privado. Proveemos servicio exclusivo a parejas, familias, amigos, y grupos.  Mas informacion por email o por telefono.

Our Guides


EV Tours Tour Guide

Elizabeth is the creative force behind EV Tours, specializing in organizing and crafting unforgettable tours in Victoria, BC. and southern Vancouver Island. Hailing from Uruguay, Elizabeth’s journey has taken her across three countries, culminating in a deep love for Vancouver Island, where she for many years, proudly calls home. Fluent in Spanish, her native tongue, Elizabeth is more than a tour guide; she’s a cultural ambassador, ready to immerse you in the richness of Victoria’s history, nature, and charm.

With a passion for culture, photography, and people, Elizabeth brings a unique perspective to each tour she designs. Her fluency in Spanish adds a personal touch, making visitors feel at ease and enhancing their connection with the local stories she shares. Beyond being a guide, Elizabeth is a warm and engaging host, fostering genuine connections with worldwide travelers, travel agents, and special larger groups like master gardeners and photographers.

Elizabeth has not only fallen in love with the breathtaking landscapes of Vancouver Island but is also dedicated to sharing its hidden treasures with you. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or culinary delights, Elizabeth’s tours are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse interests, ensuring an authentic and enriching experience. Explore Victoria with EV Tours and let Elizabeth design a tour just for you.

With guides:

EV Tour Guides


EV Tours Tour Guide

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the stunning landscapes of Vancouver Island with John, a native of the Pacific Northwest and your knowledgeable tour guide and seasoned bird expert. Not only has John created a flourishing habitat for the Purple Martins  near the Butchart Gardens, showcasing his dedication to wildlife conservation, but his expertise extends to notable projects, including the transport of tropical birds back to their native lands. John is deeply ingrained in the island’s ecosystem. He treats guests like cherished friends, offering a profound connection to the local wildlife, history, and culture. Follow him on expeditions to a hidden waterfall, trails of giant trees, and secret city gardens, each unveiling the island’s enchanting magic. With John’s wealth of wildlife
knowledge and keen understanding of plant life, your adventure transforms into a curated exploration of nature, leaving you with unforgettable memories and a renewed appreciation for the diverse beauty of nature of Vancouver Island.

With guides:

a group of people standing next to a body of water


EV Tours Tour Guide

Meet Garth, your seasoned tour guide with an authentic passion for great wildlife photography and exploration. With a wealth of experience, Garth has curated unforgettable journeys, including leading tours in Africa to witness the majesty of gorillas, and venturing to the icy landscapes of Antarctica, and traveling across seven continents. Garth’s love for diverse cultures, nature, and wildlife is a genuine reflection of his extensive travels. His lens captures the essence of each destination, offering a unique perspective shaped by his appreciation for the world’s beauty.

Based in one of the Pacific Westcoast gulf islands, Garth is a dedicated private tour guide for EV Tours. Beyond the ordinary, his tours transcend traditional sightseeing, blending adventure, education, and relaxation into immersive experiences.

Garth is commited to tailoring each tour to your specific interests. With a personalized touch, he ensures that every journey becomes a reflection of your unique travel aspirations.

Some of Garth’s Photography:

Tour guide Garth photography

EV tour guide Garth's photography



EV Tours Tour Guide

With a wealth of expertise and an innate ability to uncover hidden treasures, Richard transforms your tour of Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island,  into a personalized adventure, revealing the heart and soul of this vibrant destination. Richard is dedicated to ensuring a tailored experience for every visitor. With a keen understanding of the diverse interests within a group, he effortlessly customizes the tour, ensuring that each participant discovers the aspects of Victoria that resonate most with them. From historical anecdotes to insider tips on local hotspots, Richard’s personalized approach creates a truly memorable adventure.a man standing in front of a fencea man standing in a room