Vancouver Island Stunning Waterways


A Genuine West Coast Experience

On your visit to Victoria explore Vancouver Island stunning waterways. A place of hidden gems the Island’s souther seaside and peninsulas, is not to be missed. Off the beaten track, EV Tours will take you on this very special tour of southern Vancouver Island stunning waterways. The beauty of nature abounds and history and heritage lives in the Island’s waterways. The many stunning waterways on Vancouver Island are all around the Saanich peninsula, the still lagoons, hidden mountain lakes, and beaches that surround the city of Victoria BC.
Your local guide will pick you up and whisk you away on a scenic water drive through some of Victoria’s historical waterways. From the Juan Da Fuca walkway where you will glimpse the amazing chain of snow capped Olympic Mountains across the water, to the first Canadian lighthouse; you will enjoy the fresh air and the natural beauty of the places you will visit.

Your personalized private tour is designed to suit your interests and fitness level. You will have a choice of different and very special places to see: an enchanting BC lake in a forest only minutes from Victoria’s busy centre; and the breathtaking beautiful Scottish baronial mansion on a large estate of formal gardens and giant trees.

Experience the true splendor that is Victoria, British Columbia along its waterways, the seashore where harbor seals and sea otters frolic, and a lagoon that is habitat to a variety of fowl, such as oystercatchers and blue herons.

Get a taste of the local culture in the oldest pub in Canada or enjoy traditional fish and chips at overlooking the water. We have several options for a delicious lunch. Step out of the ordinary and experience Victoria, BC in an extraordinary way that will make your visit both memorable and excitingly authentic.

Duration: 5 - 6 hours

Availability: Year Round

EV Tours

It was my 3rd visit to Victoria so I was very pleased to learn that there is an abundance of beautiful places to see. We loved EV Tours
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