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EV Tours First Blog of the Year

Salish sea


“Tour guiding in the time of Covid” is the title that comes to mind as I write my first personal blog ever. After 10 years of contemplation and severe writer’s block, I decided to give writing a go on the auspicious first day of 2022. But I missed that day. Fortunately I have a second chance to begin my personal blog on a New Year’s Day: The Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

A happy new year to you all.

I am booking small in person tours for spring and summer, hoping that these will not cancel like in the past 2 years. I am eagerly expecting friends and family, our drives up island to the forests, and through country roads to Butchart Gardens. Sunny will be the days and we’ll celebrate in the vineyards and at my favourite restaurants that overlook the Salish Sea.

I’ve been developing and giving live virtual tours. On winter days above 4º, you will find me out with my iPhone and gimbal on a stroll with lively virtual travellers from every corner of the earth. These lovely people whom I can’t see, text me questions and send hearts. They get me out of the house, bless them.

Oh my beloved Vancouver Island, I do love you so much. Your outrageous beauty makes up for all the rain, gloom and solitude of winter especially in the time of Covid.