Magic of Salt Spring Island


Your Private Tour to Enchanting Gulf Island

On The Magic of Salt Spring Island tour, your guide will pick you up anywhere in Victoria, British Columbia. Your private tour of Salt Spring Island will begin with a scenic drive from Victoria up the Saanich Peninsula where you will board a BC ferry in our van. You will enjoy a pleasant 30-minute crossing through the stunning archipelagos of Gulf Islands.

Notably, just like Victoria, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia has a history that dates back to the mid 1850’s. Salt Spring Island has a rich and interesting history with old cemeteries, churches, heritage homes, and ancient apple orchards and sheep farms en route. The Magic of Salt Spring Island is in it’s exquisite scenery, rugged coastline, quaint artistic town, and lovey, organic farms and vineyards. As well, we visit art galleries on Salt Spring Island that feature First Nation and contemporary Pacific Northwest contemporary art.

The Island is comprised of a colony of artists and artisans.  Famous people and artists reside on Salt Spain Island. Some of the artists are Jim Erickson, winner of the Oscar for set decoration on Lincoln, and world renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman who lives on the island.  Note that Bateman’s astounding work of wildlife paintings is exhibited in Victoria’s old steam ship terminal building in the Inner Harbour and is well worth visiting.

Part of the Salt Spring Island tour is the spectacular drive to the various island highlights. The seaside scenery, rural mountain roads, and fields are unforgettable. As well, you may wish to go up Mount Maxwell, the highest point on the island for an exhilarating view of the bays, some neighbouring islands and parts of greater Victoria region. The island boasts an abundance of wildlife and fowl, Gary Oak forests and beautiful lakes. With some luck we may catch an eagle soaring high above the trees. Visit local vineyards, a cheese farm, and tour into the heart of a vibrant artist community. On Saturday’s during the summer months we can visit Salt Spring Island’s famous market featuring crafts, jewellery, pottery, food and music.
Price includes ferry transportation

Duration: 8 hours

Availability: Year Round

EV Tours

EV Tours took us on a breathtakingly scenic drive, stopping to take pictures and visit places we never would have found. Saltspring Island turned out to be a small paradise in it’s own right
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